These rules are in place to provide a safe and enjoyable time whilst skating at Ice Arena Wales.

Please make sure the rules listed below are followed and report any failure to comply with them so that your time here is memorable and enjoyable.




DO ensure the laces are tucked inside the skates are done up when returning them.

DO decide what skates you want (you have a choice of figure or hockey skates)

DO ensure your socks are pulled up, your skates fit snugly and your laces are done up tight

DO enter and leave the ice pad slowly through the gates provided

DO skate in at a moderate speed and in an anti clockwise direction unless otherwise stated

DO wear long sleeves, trousers and gloves

DO inform a member of staff if you have an accident

DO pick up or point out to staff anything lying on the ice

DO bring a friend or a date DO take note of instructions from rink steward.

DO have fun and laugh at yourself





DON’T be a nuisance as a skater and don’t carry anyone or anything whilst skating

DON’T wear loose clothing, scarves or long coats whilst skating

DON’T smoke anywhere in the building

DON’T skate in links of more than three

DON’T skate in or through coned off areas

DON’T use mobile phones on the ice apart from taking funny pictures

DON’T wear skates outside the building unless in an emergency when instructed by a steward

DON’T attempt lifts, jumps or spins during a public session, you aren’t Torvill and Dean

DON’T chip or throw loose snow or ice

DON’T take any food or drink onto the ice

DON’T sit on the barrier

DON’T bring anyone you’re not comfortable looking silly around. Ice is the great equalizer; everyone falls